Jennifer Mazur

Mental Wellness, mixed media artist

Raised under the Florida sun and living in tune with Swedish nature, I come from a long line of artists. My art is fuelled by my need to address Mental Wellness. I find inspiration in colors, textures, nature, women and dreams. And I use my art as a medium to raise my voice and smash the mental health stigma.

It's ok to be not ok

I've spent a huge portion of my life with low self esteem and depression. And finally received an ADD diagnosis after 40 years of feeling stupid, lazy and slow. I've constantly battled my own demons and felt "not good enough". 

The women I create are my message to the world that it's ok to not be ok. It is ok to deal with mental health issues- be it depression and/or the plethora of alphabetic combinations- there is NO shame! It is ok to have bad days and not have the energy to do the dishes, fold the laundry and to just sit on the sofa eating a pint of ice cream. And anyone who portrays a life of every day being absolutely perfect is NOT being real. 

No matter what, it is ok to share our authentic lives. The more we talk about it -the more "normal" it becomes and the better we feel. Everyone is battling their own demons. That's life. So let's smash that mental health stigma! Let's show up and be proud of our real lives!

That is what my girls represent. They live behind a social media filter - but what do you see when you get a momentary look into the window of their souls?

And I also paint flowers- because sometimes I want to.


Kind words

I have to say...your pictures online don't really do your art justice. You really do have to see your paintings to see their magnificence.

StaceyLee James