Why & Who

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I make art simply because I have to. 

There is no other way for me to exist. I create what I am feeling and each piece is a reflection of my heart and spirit. 

Art allows me time to quiet my overly busy mind and focus on something I love. It's therapy, an escape, a sanctuary.

I love the way art allows me to express myself. How the mediums feel on my fingertips. Watching the colors as they interact with one another. The way I have an idea of where I'm going and my piece always evolves along the way, taking me further than I had expected, as the mediums take charge and show me the way.

As for me — Coming from a long line of artists, art was always a given. From a very young age I gravitated to everything creative and steered away from anything involving math :)  I graduated from the Academy of Design in Florida and have been developing my own sense of style in the years since. 

I grew up in Florida and call Sweden my home, where I constantly challenge my artistic development. I work in mostly mixed-media which means my artworks are a bit of a "kitchen sink" —  with mediums ranging from inks, paints, watercolors, pens, graphite, markers, papers and pastes.

My aim is to not only bring something beautiful to people's lives, but to also give them a bit of courage, or bravery, or perhaps even a reminder that living authentically is freeing.